Danish Dough whisk, Bread Lame set for Baking, Cake, Pizza, Premium Gift Hand Crafted Stainless Steel kitchen tool Scoring bread lame set Danish dough mixer whisk baking equipment tools Sourdough set



  • ✮ Good materials- our bread lames made from rust resistant stainless steel.
  • ✮ Sharp blades– our blades perfect choice for any kind of dough
  • ✮Safety- Protective leather cover to prevent the edge of the blade from hurting you and protects the blade from rusting.
  • ✮ Easy to clean- Stainless steel material makes sure that the dough won’t get caught in the wires and blades, and clump in the center. Just rinse it under hot water immediately after using, and nothing ever gets stuck
  • ✮ Perfect for all recipes- Bread or pizza. you can create any shape or style you like!